My name is Jaime Cross, which you may have guessed from the top of the page. Now I’m about to talk about myself, so sorry about that.

I am a sound designer and composer for media, primarily for games.

At the present moment I’m over at Blazing Griffin as an Audio Designer. Currently working on Murderous Pursuits and SECRET STUFF.

In a previous life I was the director of a games company called Team Junkfish. In 2015 they released a survival horror game called Monstrum, which was nominated for TIGA, Develop and BAFTA Scotland awards. I also handled the PR and marketing at Team Junkfish on top of the audio and directorial duties.

I’m a graduate of the University of Abertay Dundee via Ayr College in Sound Production, with a focus on audio implementation in games and the use of 3D sound.

In November 2015 I was voted onto the IGDA Scotland board on a two year term.

I also did some guest lecturing at the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio on Game Audio.

I also play keyboards in a few bands, Maelstrom and Man Made Origin, and Kevin Bacon has nothing on me when it comes to 6 degrees of separation within Scottish metal bands.

Want to know anything else? Bug me on Twitter.

Cheers muchly.


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