Role: Audio lead (Sound design, Foley, music, system design, implementation, trailers), PR/Marketing, additional story writing

Engine: Unity 4/Unity 5

Nominated for: Best Debut Game (TIGA Awards 2015), Best Game (BAFTA Scotland 2015)

Steam | Website | Facebook | Soundtrack

Announcement Trailer | EA Launch Trailer

Monstrum is a procedureally generated horror game set on board an abandoned cargo ship from the 70’s where players must repair an escape route using parts scattered around the ship. At the same time they must avoid the predator lurking the corridors. The game also features VR support via Oculus Rift.

For this project I was responsible for the creation of all audio assets, including music, designing the audio systems from the game (such as the environmental sound generator, reverb, occlusion and music system) and working with the audio programmer to build said systems within Unity 4 so that they would work properly with the game’s procedural engine. Systems were prototyped using FMOD Studio. Examples of the game’s sound design and systems can be found on the Team Junkfish blog as well as this one.

This project ran from 2013 to 2015, was shown at GDC 2014, EGX Rezzed 2014/15 and EGX London 2014 in addition to other shows. In addition to the audio aspoects of the game I was also responsible for its PR and marketing. The game launched on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch though Soedesco in 2020.

I was also responsible for the audio sync for all of the game’s trailers and adverts.

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