Monstrum 2

Role: Audio Lead

Engine: Unity / Wwise

Awards and Nominations: Winner of UKIE UK Game of Show (Gamescom 2020), Finalist of Europlay 2020

Steam | Website

Monstrum 2 is an asymmetric multiplayer sequel to Monstrum, the critically acclaimed nautical rogue-lite horror. Pit yourself against a terrifying monster as a team of human prisoners locked in a tactical struggle to escape a decrepit sea fortress, or play as one of the many oceanic monstrosities hunting them down. Experience tense first-person stealth gameplay and fast-paced adrenaline pumping chases within an immersive, open-ended labyrinth of horror where the environment presents ever-changing challenges with each playthrough. 

For this title I was responsible for all audio asset creation, audio implementation and system design with our audio programmer via Wwise, sourcing and directing voice talent, and working with our external partners for audio feedback and additional asset management and delivery.

Monstrum 2 launched in Early Access on Steam in early 2021.