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The Materia Collective is a group of musicians from across the world that originally came together in 2015 to create their first remix album: Materia – FF7 Remixed. Since then they have released a few more remix albums. Here are the ones I’ve been involved in, but do check out the rest, as they have a fairly active release schedule.

Mobius: Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed (2016)

mobius cover

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Celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday, Mobius features over 3 hours of remixed Sonic themes and 80 different artists spanning so many different genres.


The Doctor Will See You Now!  (Death Egg Zone – Sonic 2)

Arranger, Performer, Sound Designer

A fairly eclectic re-imagining of this theme, which now follows a robot being built up in Robotnik’s factory. Lots of machine sounds are used to build up the rhythmic backdrop, while the lead line is the actual robot itself.

Multiplayer III: Wave (2016)

Multiplayer Charity - Multiplayer III - album cover

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Multiplayer III: Wave is a charity album themed around water, organised in collaboration with the Multiplayer Charity with a goal to raise money for the Water.Org organization.


Waterfall (feat. Multiplayer Fusion Ensemble) [from “Undertale”]


I provided a synth solo for this jazz arrangement by Charles Ritz, performed by a lot of cool people. So yes, that’s my hand and living floor in there.