Anton’s Adventure


Role: Sound Design, music

Engine: Unity 3

Soundtrack | Intro Video | Gameplay Video

Anton’s Adventure is best described as “Zelda 2 meets Fruit Ninja”, where players take on the role of Anton, a hat loving bear who must gather up his hats after they are scattered across his chocolate island following a volcanic eruption. Fending of the chocolate bunnies who want to cheer him up with hugs, he must search the island for his precious headgear before being smoothered with love!

This game was created as part of the Dare+ programme in 2012, a 4 week business focussed course in which teams had to pitch and develop an idea which would then be shown at the Dare to be Digital Indie Showcase. While my main focus on this project was for audio, I also developed business and marketing skills thoughout the course. The target market for this project was children, so the music and sound design had a more playful, adventurous theme that would be more family friendly.

The team was:

Mindaugas Batutis and Stuart Howieson: Programming
Alastair Low: Art
Jaime Cross: Audio

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