An Update: 2022

I should post more than once a year. Nevertheless, an update!

I’m no longer at Glowmade, It was a fairly mutual split as this year has been rough on a personal level, but wishing them all the best! The project they’re working on is really cool and I hope it lands the way it deserves.

I’ve been doing a little bit of freelance work on the side though, for a number things that aren’t quite announced yet. One project has been developing minigames for a new news style app/platform that had me work to a much smaller scale than I’m used to, and the others on the dev team were willing to accomodate my “small in relative terms but big in project scope terms” audio system for one of them that I’ll write up soon. (For real. I’ll also see if I have some of the Monstrum 2 stuff kicking around.)

Other than that, I’m sort of taking a little break for a few weeks to re-evaluate things, sort out some new show reels (where I can, NDAs lock out a fair chunk of the past 2 years at least!) and generally rest for a bit. I’ve not really had proper time off in a long time that doesn’t involved illness or running around after people or trying to sort something out, and I’m getting married later in the autumn, so a bit of a stress-less run before that would be welcome after everything else we’ve been through this year!

And finally, the cat:


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